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Making a Fake Doctor’s Note Work for You

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Let’s face it; we have all had those days when we don’t feel like doing anything. It’s a drag constantly going to work or school doing the same thing over and over again. You can’t wait until it ends and you are free again.

When you missed a day of school, remember you had to come back the next day with either a doctor’s excuse, something that was legit from your parents to show that you weren’t skipping class. Now things have changed a little. You’re much older and have more responsibility. You might even be a parent with a kid who has tried to do the very thing that you want to do now, and that is miss a day and hang out somewhere.

What would you do if you can get away for a day? Here are some options:

• Sleep all day.
• Go to the race track
• Go to the casino
• Go fishing
• Go to the movies
• Go to the doctor

Sleep all day

Weekends should not be the only time a person should be allowed to catch up on rest. If you are being overworked at the job, you deserve an extra day off to recuperate. Sleep all day if you can. Your body will thank you later.

Go to the Race Track

If you like gambling on horses, well the race track is the right place for you. Who knows, you might bet on that lucky horse and win a lot of money. If you do, well then, you can quit your day job and go on a vacation. One great site that I really like is bcosla.org.

Go to the Casino

Going to the casino is fun. Go now and avoid the crowds that come on the weekends. Play some cards and win a little money. Or just go to the big wheel and bet it all on a number. Play roulette and bet all your money on a color or your favorite number. If you win, you will hot for a small fortune. That is just enough to live for one more year without a boring job and a nagging boss on your back all the time.

Go Fishing

Fishing is a great way to spend the day. There is nothing like sticking a hook through the soft body of a worm so that it can be eaten. Fishing is very relaxing. Just do not fall into the water. We do not want to hear how somebody drowned on the news. Your boss may find out too. Do not prick yourself with the rusted hook trying to put on that worm. Then you would have a real medical doctor’s excuse.

Go to the Movies

Why not go and see a good movie. You have been buried in work so much, you have not had time enough to see a good flick. This time, you do not have to take the kid and deal with the questions. All the snacks are yours too. There is no need to share or deal with the extra cash spending. Best of all, you can see the movie you want to see. That means no Disney stuff either.

Go to the Doctor

You have been dealing with a lot of stress. You may have missed your last check up too. There is nothing like going to see the doctor about what you think is wrong with you. Also, a doctor can give a real medical excuse for you. There is no fake doctors note required here and all is forgiven at work.

Now we have to think of a fake note to give to your boss. A fake doctors note can go only so far. Those notes happen twice a year like a dentist note. Even rarer are excuses for out-of-town funerals. That is why it helps to live in big cities like Boston or New York. There are more excuses involved being there versus living in smaller towns where nothing really happens.

You will need to follow up a fake doctors note with one that does not just concentrate on you. A child’s clinic note would be a great one. If you have a kid that does get sick all the time and the boss knows that, this adds to the common knowledge that kids in general do get sick and has to have someone fill in on the pick-up duties. That is a perfect way out at either not going to work or just getting out work for the rest of the day.

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